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Protecting Your Garden Furniture

To get the most out of your garden furniture you need to protect it from the British weather. If you own wooden or metal furniture, there are simple steps to take to protect your furniture and give it a longer life.

For wooden furniture, you can wash with hot soapy water or use hardwood cleaning fluid to get it clean but for longer care, we suggest you treat the wood at least once a year to keep the furniture in tip top condition.

How to treat wooden furniture:

Before you start, check the weather forecast, if the weather is too hot, cold or wet it will affect the quality of your finish. Remember, the better the weather, the better the finish!

  1. Wash, lightly sand down the furniture and wipe down to remove any dust.
  2. Stir the wood preserver to prevent any colour variation.
  3.  Use a long-haired natural-bristled brush to apply your first coat of wood preserve to the furniture.
  4. Wait 1 hour for the first coat to dry and if a second coat is required then repeat step 2 and apply another coat.
  5. Once you’re happy with the coverage, wait at least 48 hours for the wood preserver to dry before use.

How to keep metal furniture in good condition:

Most metal furniture usually has a protective finish that can be cleaned using a cloth dipped in soapy water. Problems occur when this coating is worn away exposing the metal. Bird droppings can also cause issues due to their acidity so make sure they are cleaned off as soon as possible.

If the furniture is made from steel, any scratches will need to be treated before they start to rust. If rust has already set it, use steel wool to remove the rust and treat the affected area with a clear protective varnish.

Aluminium furniture doesn’t rust but can suffer from oxidisation, this makes the aluminium stronger but also discolours it, if you wish to keep the original colour, we recommend regularly washing the furniture with hot soapy water and storing or covering the furniture during winter months or when not being used.

Cast iron is mostly used for gates and rails, though you may come across benches made from this. Because water causes iron to rust, outdoor furniture is always painted with either an outdoor paint or a clear protective varnish.

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