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How to paint a wooden fence

How to paint a wooden fence


This is a relatively straight forward task but it is worthwhile reading our quick ‘How to’ guide before you get started. If you have a large area of fencing to paint, consider investing in a power sprayer.

Tools for the job:

Sandpaper | Wood paint primer | Wood paint | Paint brush | White spirit


1 – Cover your plants with plastic sheeting and trim back foliage to ensure you have enough space to work


2 – Remove old nails and screws and sand down the panels to make them as smooth and flat as possible.


3 – Apply a layer of primer and let it dry completely.


4 – Apply your chosen colour liberally and follow the direction of the timber grain; use horizontal strokes for horizontal panels and vertical strokes for vertical panels.


5 – Clean your brushes with white spirit as soon as you have finished to preserve them for future use.


Top Tip

The summer months are an ideal time to paint your fence but try to wait until your fence is in the shade to avoid the paint drying too quickly. The paint will only fully protect the timber if it is given chance to soak in.

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