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Decking Projects#1

Here Are Some Tips For Your Project

Decking Projects

In recent times, timber decking boards seem to be one of the most commonly used garden patio surfaces found around. Decking’s modern and versatile qualities, the ease of construction by almost any homeowner and its availability make it a winner in most gardens. Here are some tips for your project.

Treated Timber for Decking

Although these treated timbers are usually of high quality, they tend to contract and swell based on the current seasons and weather conditions. The deck timber is more likely to expand in the months between October and March while they may probably shrink and retain their natural shapes in spring and early summer as long as the weather is dry and warm. 

Hence, it is highly recommended that homeowners allow the timber to acclimatize for a week before constructing the deck; this will allow the deck board to properly adjust to the prevailing weather conditions in the particular environment.

It is ideal to store the deck boards close to the site where the deck would be installed - but you must ensure they are kept off the ground and covered with tarpaulin or plastic sheet against rain.

Although a lot of timbers are treated with chemicals like Tanalith, surfaces with fresh cuts by saw and drills must be covered with a high-quality decking preservatives to help the decking last longer.

Safety Measures

Optimum safety precautions should be taken while working with treated timber materials. Ensure you put on gloves when working with the materials to help reduce the possibilities of splinters entering the skin.  A face mask is also relevant when cutting timber as it helps you to avoid inhaling dust particles. When using a corded power tool, ensure you use an RCD-type circuit breaker. 

Do not forget that once the wood had been treated, means that it is not ideal to be used as firewood any longer, and certainly not to be used as fuel for a barbecue or any form of cooking. 

Deck Site Preparation

Before you think of laying timbers, ensure you put a weed control membrane for the prevention of weeds from growing from beneath the deck - this could ruin the timbers. If it is a place where rain do not easily drain, you may consider lying about one inch of pea shingle to help suspend the supporting joist timbers from the waters


Most homeowners can handle their decking projects all by themselves, but you must be sure that you have adequate time to get the job done; deck construction is usually time-consuming. 

On the other hand, homeowners who have hectic and busy schedules may seek professional services. Whether you decide to embark on a DIY approach or you choose to get an expert on the job, always confirm that treated timbers are used, and the other materials are acquired from reputable source like Estate Sawmills.

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